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Slibear blog was built to provide some helpful information needed so that you can get more information regarding fitness, diet, exercises, etc. So that you guys can make efforts to change your lifestyle as you always wanted.

About the Author

Hey there, My name is Gaurav, I’m a part-time blogger, and pursuing engineering right now. My fitness journey started back in 2017 when I completed my schooling, that was the time when I realized that I love to do workout and that’s when my fitness journey started.

So I’m here to share what all I did (and doing) to keep myself on track even when I’m studying in a hostel, the diet I usually take to cut down fat and bulk up or to stay on constant weight. I’m here to share valuable information as well as I’ll be learning many things from you guys also! Well, that’s all about me If you wanna know more about me or you have any doubts feel free to contact me. Thank you!!